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Himalaya Salts were locked into the mountains when the Earth’s seas were pristine. Pink Himalayan Salt is a clean and healthy alternative to refined salt. All of our salt is extracted by hand from an ancient seabed and is so incredibly pure that it can be eaten from the salt caves it is mined from. Our Pink Himalayan Salt is never contaminated with additives and it is 100% from the salt caves in the Himalaya Mountains.


Pink Himalaya Salt
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Our Pink Himalayan Salt is not only healthier for your body than commercial salt, but its taste is amazing. Once you try Himalayan Salt, you'll never want to use commercial, chemically cleaned salt again. Pink Himalayan Salt tastes so good that it will truly satisfy your salt craving..



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Himalaya Salts | Essential

Himalayan Salt contains the full spectrum of 84 minerals and trace elements. In contrast, white “table salt” is processed and “cleaned” with harsh chemicals and stripped of all of its nutrients. Pink Himalayan Salt is an unrefined, unprocessed salt that's hand-mined from abundant salt caves that were formed when ocean salt settled in geologic pockets around the earth a very long time ago.

Refined salt, like table salt, is dehydrating and thickens the blood. This means the body has to increase blood pressure to move the thickened blood into the arteries and capillaries. Himalayan Salt provides the minerals and trace elements in a proportion that is needed for optimum blood plasma. Additionally, it helps the body stay hydrated because it electrically charges the body so we can use water more efficiently. This helps blood stay naturally thin, moving easily through your body’s network of capillaries and arteries.

Himalaya Salts | Taste

Our Pink Himalayan Salt is not only healthier for your body than commercial salt, but its taste is amazing. Once you try Himalayan salt, you'll never want to use commercial, chemically cleaned salt again. Pink Himalayan Salt tastes so good that it will truly satisfy your salt craving. If you typically crave salt, our salt will satisfy you with better taste and support your body with essential mineral content.

Top chefs around the world boast of the exquisite taste of Himalaya Salt. The pure Himalaya Salt enhances the flavor and adds dimension to any recipe that calls for salt. Essential minerals and trace elements found in our salt adds an element of complexity to any dish. In our modern world our bodies need and crave this essential, nourishing salt. Not only do we need it, we can enjoy eating it, too. (All of the salt we sell is food grade.)

Himalaya Salts | Origins

Our Himalaya Salts are as old as the Himalayas themselves - millions of years old. This crystal salt reflects the wholeness, richness and purity of its source in underground salt deposits in the Himalayan mountain region. Long ago the unpolluted ancient seas evaporated and these deposits were created with great pressure during the formation of the Himalayas. Today, we have access to these abundant salt caves where this pristine salt has been stored. Pink Himalayan Salts are hand-mined and washed only with water for purity.

History shows us that our ancestors were already aware of the crucial necessity of nutrient rich salt and our Himalaya Salts fits the bill. Wherever they found salt they guarded it like a treasure. Later in history, salt was called “white gold” and was the subject of political power plays, which often resulted in war. Roman soldiers were actually paid with salt, which is reflected in the word “salary.” Salt was more important for survival than gold.

Himalaya Salts | Purpose

High quality salt has a multitude of uses:
  • Any recipe that calls for salt, use Himalaya Salts for added dimension and to enhance flavor.
  • Consumed, Pink Himalaya Salt helps balance body acidity.
  • Can be used for a nasal wash (a few grains of Himalaya salt in 1/4 cup of warm water) to clear breathing passageways and aid in sinus issues.
  • Warm compresses for a rash, eczema or insect bites.
  • A salt bath, or brine, to soothe aching feet.
  • Can be used as a face wash.
  • Rub brine directly on your skin and let dry to help skin retain-moisture.
  • Gargle with warm brine solution if you feel a sore throat starting.

Himalaya Salts | What You May Not Know

Pink Himalayan Salt is, in a word, amazing. A few things you may not know about our Himalaya salts:
  • Himalaya Salts will keep for years. It is naturally shelf-stable as long as it’s kept relatively dry. Store Pink Himalayan Salt in a dark, cool place for longest shelf life.
  • If you exercise or live in a very hot climate, your body may actually need more nutrient rich Pink Himalayan Salt than you're giving it. Commercial salt is “cleaned” with harsh chemicals and is stripped of all the minerals your body needs to replenish and recharge. Only Pink Himalayan Salt fulfills one’s true salt needs.
  • Consuming Himalaya Salts can often ease your junk food cravings. A craving for highly processed foods (think potato chips) is often just a craving for nutrient rich salt. When a body lacks minerals, it will send a signal to urge you to consume the types of food that should have those minerals it is missing. This is often mistranslated in your mind as a craving for salty snack foods.
  • Because the crystalline structure of Pink Himalayan Salt is balanced and connected to other essential elements, it has a “harmonious state”. This means that our salt’s energy content (in the form of minerals) can be easily metabolized by your body.
  • Why are we told that “salt” (sodium chloride) is bad for us? Because refined table salt is stripped of natural minerals and is therefore unbalanced, it will dehydrate a body and thicken its blood. This is what can cause high blood pressure, because it takes more pressure to pump thick blood, than blood that is naturally thin.

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